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My HVAC Hobby

Hello, my name is Nigel and I live in New South Wales with my partner and our three kids. I am really interested in HVAC systems. It isn't my job or anything, I just got interested in it. My friends often poke fun at me because of my unusual hobby but I don't mind. It all started when I visited my friend who is an HVAC contractor. He was working on a unit and he started to explain how the different components worked together. I was fascinated and when I got home, I took the cover off my HVAC system and cleaned it out. Since then, I have started to maintain and repair HVAC systems for friends if they can't get hold of a professional. I decided to start this blog to help others.

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Reasons to Upgrade from Window HVAC Units to Split Systems

If you currently have window units throughout your home to help heat and cool your living space, then you might consider upgrading. There are various upgrades available to you, but one of the main ones to consider is a split system. If you have never considered a split system as an option for your home, here are a few reasons to look at. You may find these reasons benefit not only the home but your monthly expenses as well. Read More 

3 Considerations When Installing A Hot Water System In Your Home

Imagine taking a cold shower in the middle of a cold winter? The mere thought of it is enough to send shivers down your spine. Hot water systems are more important than people think because of how much comfort they bring to your daily activities like dishwashing, bathing and brushing your teeth. Here are some considerations before you decide to install a hot water system in your home. 1. Consider Where You Intend To Install The System  Read More 

How Can Your Commercial Building Benefit from a Rooftop AC System?

When it comes to choosing an air conditioning system for your commercial building, you need to decide where it will be placed. Proper placement can increase the efficiency of the unit, improve indoor air quality, and ease maintenance of the AC unit. One of the places that you can consider when installing the system is your building's rooftop. By setting up the unit on the roof, you can save valuable space in the building without compromising on the size or configuration of the AC system. Read More 

Evaporative Coolers: Three Essential Tips for Comfort and Energy-Efficiency

Evaporative cooling is ideal for use in high-temperature and low-humidity climates. Therefore, if you are planning on improving your indoor conditions while minimising your electrical bills, you should think about installing this device. Typically, an evaporative cooler draws in air from the outdoor environment. The air is passed through a damp, porous pad. As a result, the air is cooled and humidified before flowing into the house, creating a comfortable environment. Read More 

Paying Attention to the Thermostat

Cooling the home during hot weather can be quite costly if you don't pay attention to the little details. One component of air conditioning systems that both residential and commercial property owners tend to overlook is the thermostat. Thermostats are useful items in regulating temperature in various premises. They ensure that your home or business remains steadily held at a certain temperature, and they can trigger the AC to turn on or off depending on the warmth of the outside air. Read More