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My HVAC Hobby

Hello, my name is Nigel and I live in New South Wales with my partner and our three kids. I am really interested in HVAC systems. It isn't my job or anything, I just got interested in it. My friends often poke fun at me because of my unusual hobby but I don't mind. It all started when I visited my friend who is an HVAC contractor. He was working on a unit and he started to explain how the different components worked together. I was fascinated and when I got home, I took the cover off my HVAC system and cleaned it out. Since then, I have started to maintain and repair HVAC systems for friends if they can't get hold of a professional. I decided to start this blog to help others.

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Ice-Cold Relief When the Summer Months Come

Most people only realise how important their air conditioners are when they stop working. Your home is no longer a haven of comfort when you can't get the cool air you need when it's hot. A faulty air conditioning unit leaves you desperate and miserable during the hottest days of the year. You become more desperate for ice-cold relief than ever before. Don't buy another air conditioner before a technician in air conditioning repairs assesses the defective one. Some of the problems that the AC units develop are easy to repair, and that's why you shouldn't rush to buy a new appliance. Here are some AC issues that demand quick repairs:

The Unit Releases Less Air Than Usual

You know your air conditioner has some blockage issues if the cool air you get today is less than what you usually get. The airflow is held back whenever one of the unit's components is blocked. The problem happens gradually, but it aggravates over time and becomes unbearable and costly to repair. Dirty air filters hinder the vents from releasing the cool air they should release in your house. You are supposed to change the air filters of your air conditioner every three months to make it more efficient. Do it every two months to avoid airflow issues if you live in an area with increased air pollution or if you have pets around.

There Is Leaking Water Around the AC

All is not well with your air conditioner if you find some water around it. The condensation process that takes place when the air conditioner is running causes some water to form. However, the unit is designed to drain it off into a drain pan. If the drain pan is blocked or full, the water will spill over the edges and eventually leak around the air conditioner. The leaking water will damage some other components of your unit if the problem is not addressed immediately. An air conditioning expert will repair the unit to ensure it doesn't leak anymore and remove the debris before they clog the appliance.

The Unit Is Silent, and It Doesn't Turn On

Silence doesn't affirm efficiency when it comes to the AC units. You should hear your air conditioner running if the thermostat is correctly set. Only an expert in air conditioning repair can identify the mechanical problem causing the unit not to turn on or run silently. Air conditioners have many moving parts, and most of them won't work when one is defective. The unit's fans and the compressor will not be powered if the motor has developed a problem.

The repairs the AC technician offers will depend on what they diagnose and how they precisely do it. A misdiagnosed problem will lead to some irreparable problems, and this means installing a new air conditioner. So get a proficient technician to inspect your air conditioner and schedule a repair appointment for you.