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Hello, my name is Nigel and I live in New South Wales with my partner and our three kids. I am really interested in HVAC systems. It isn't my job or anything, I just got interested in it. My friends often poke fun at me because of my unusual hobby but I don't mind. It all started when I visited my friend who is an HVAC contractor. He was working on a unit and he started to explain how the different components worked together. I was fascinated and when I got home, I took the cover off my HVAC system and cleaned it out. Since then, I have started to maintain and repair HVAC systems for friends if they can't get hold of a professional. I decided to start this blog to help others.

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Considerations Often Overlooked When Contemplating Industrial Cooling

Running a business undoubtedly requires you to know how best to keep your operational costs low. This is especially true in the processing and manufacturing industries where a lot of expensive equipment is involved. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you should base your decision of air conditioning installation solely on what will be economical for your business. Choosing an industrial air conditioning system requires you to consider an array of things to ensure that both the system as well as your equipment will have a long lifespan. So what are some of the considerations that are often overlooked when contemplating industrial cooling?

Consider both the ambient temperature as well as the heat load

The biggest risk to industrial equipment is excessive exposure to heat. It should be noted that all types of industrial equipment will have their individual maximum temperature ideal for operation. Thus, it would be essential to determine what the range of this temperature is for all your industrial equipment. Once you have these metrics, you can then go about making a decision on which type of air conditioning system would be best suited for your business.

It should be noted that your industrial equipment will also be producing their own heat when in operation. This subsequently affects the ambient temperature within your industrial premises. Your industrial air conditioning contractor should be able to recommend a system that would be capable of meeting your ambient temperature and heat load needs.

Consider the environment the air conditioning system will be installed in

One thing to note about industrial business is that the premises can greatly vary from conventional commercial properties. Some industrial premises may be open air and located outdoors, and this could expose the air conditioning to significant amounts of dust on a daily basis. On the other hand, some industrial equipment will function under heavily corrosive environments, and you would need to find a system that would be able to withstand these conditions. Therefore, it would be prudent to let your HVAC contractor know the various environmental conditions that your air conditioning system will be exposed to.

Moreover, it would be prudent to schedule routine maintenance for your air conditioning unit to ensure that the components are not being compromised by the environmental conditions. You should keep in mind that a declining air conditioning system that is left unchecked could wreak havoc to your expensive industrial equipment in the long run.